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We’re the leading provider of growth-accelerating products for startups, e-commerce stores and angel investors.

Our mission is to help founders succeed by providing them with innovative solutions that will accelerate their revenue flow so they can grow into successful companies without any hesitation or delay!  

With a deep understanding of startup dynamics and a commitment to facilitating financial agility, we at Swid stand as a reliable partner, ready to empower your business journey towards its fullest potential.


Reliable And Efficient Payment Services

1. Checking and savings accounts

Keep your funds safely protected.

Experience seamless money management with our secure, interest-earning accounts designed to cater to your business’s financial needs.

Benefit from our robust banking solutions that not only safeguard your resources but also facilitate efficient fund allocation and growth.

2. Physical and virtual cards

Issue & manage cards in seconds.

Deploy physical and virtual cards to simplify your business expenditures.

Take advantage of immediate card issuance, comprehensive control, and real-time activity insights for optimum fiscal oversight.


3. Wires, ACH, checks

Move money around the world in 3 clicks.

Transact globally with our easy-to-use platform that supports wires, ACH, and checks.

With just a few clicks, you can securely transfer funds across borders, ensuring your business operations run smoothly.

4. Capital and venture debt

Grow your business with financing that fits your goals.

Fuel your business growth with our tailor-made capital and venture debt solutions.

We’re committed to aligning with your financial ambitions, ensuring you have the resources you need to reach your goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Swid is company that provides you with the tools you need to understand your company’s finances, plan for development, fundraise more quickly, and construct an accurate financial model.

You’ll need a U.S. company with a federal EIN, your company’s official formation documents, and a picture of your government ID (e.g., a passport or US driver’s license).

We also allow startups, e-commerce and venture capital firms from the Caymans, British Virgin Islands, and UAE with up to date formation documents.

Swid is free to use, however, certain advanced features may incur fees.

These include making mass payments on our API, accessing Treasury account management, exchanging money in non-USD currencies, and sending USD internationally with optional premium processing.

There are no account minimums, overdraft fees, monthly fees, or account opening fees.

Our two main revenue streams come from Swid Treasury and Swid Venture Debt.

Additionally, when you use your debit card or IO credit card, Visa and Mastercard charge a fee to the merchant.

Swid receives a percentage of this fee, known as interchange.

Our partner bank also earns a small amount of interest on deposits, and SWID receives a percentage of this amount.

Swid checking and savings deposits are FDIC-insured up to $5M through our partner banks and use of sweep networks.

As a broader effort, we are working on expanding all coverage even further.